Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This picture makes me sad....and the "birth lady" interview...

I have been wanting to post about Eliana for a few weeks...this is the most recent picture we got of our sweet girl!! Doesn't she look sad?! Last week, I just cried looking at this. We also had a medical update for her. She is losing weight and not wanting to eat at all. Please pray for her little body. She is almost one and is 15 pounds. I know that there are a lot of tiny babies, but the problem is that she keeps losing weight.

We also found out that her "birth lady" (what the Chapman's call their little girls birth mothers) interview is happening at PGN THIS WEEK.....we do not know the day. Please be praying that it goes smoothly!!!!! I am really trying not to stress about this too much. I miss her so much!!!!!

Love y'all,

P.S. Keep praying for Kali......things are pretty hard right now. Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement!!! It means so much to my sister.


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, that is the saddest face!! I pray that God heals her little body and she starts gaining weight. I also pray that the interview goes well, and your case continues to move ahead! We need that little girl HOME! Blessings!!

The Heinrichs said...

Awhhh Eliana looks so sad! I am praying...I wish we could just pick up and go tomorrow and be with our girls! My stomach is just turning as I think about all this week may bring us and how long this month is going to be!

Love ya and get some sleep!!!


Hannah said...

I am so sorry that you have so many trials to face right now. Just remember that even in the darkest times the Lord is with you.

I hate how sad she looks, I think she just needs her mommy! We have done two international adoptions. The first one we did not get a single updated picture during the 1.5 years we waited and the other we got updates every other month or so...and to be honest I am not sure which was harder!!

I am going to pray tonight about the interview and will just believe that it will be fine and your sweet baby will be with her mommy and daddy soon!

We are still praying for your sister and her friend!

Blessings to your family,

Marianne said...

Eliana looks how you feel, tired and wanting to come home. She is ready for all this nonsense in Guatemala to be over and just come home to her mommy and daddy. Don't dwell on the picture....it's a single snap shot. I can remember waiting and wating for our pictures of our sweet Olivia and always being disappointed. She never smiled in any of the pictures and the last set we received before she came home was so distrubing that it caused me many sleepless nights. So with that being said I understand how you feel but once you have your sweet heart home she will gain weight, she will smile and life will never be the same. Trust me...it all works out, it's just this time now that seems like an eternity. Hang in there, she'll be home before you know it and all of this although will not be forgotten, it won't be on the fore-front of your mind.

Hang on....

Prayers for your sister and her roommate.


Greg and Felicia Huff said...

We are keeping Kali in our prayers and are lifting up your sister and Kali's family has well. Eliana is beautiful. Keegan (our 6 year old) was extremely tiny (10 months old when we got him from Guat in June of 2002). He's still small. He (and my 3 year old daughter) both go through the "I don't want to eat anything" stage every now and then. We're praying that this is what Eliana is going through right now as well. When I see some of the pictures of Otoniel (our soon to be 4 year old who is still in Guatemala) he looks so sad that I think my heart will just break if I don't hold him soon! Then I think... God is caring for our children right now. I truly believe he has led all of us down this path and has his caring arms around all of our kiddos! :) Hang in there! He will get us through this. I am praying the interview goes smoothly. I read your entire blog last night and was deeply moved. My heart (and prayers) goes out to you. God bless you both.

Felicia Huff (Currently waiting for our precious Otoniel)

JuJu - said...

breaks my heart-
I am going to be praying for her little tiny self this morning while I clean -
Lindsey - I can't imagine how hard this is for you - just cling to Jesus -

Praying for your sister and Kali

Love you


Rachel said...

I am praying for your beautiful Eliana that everything goes well with the interview, and that she will gain some weight.I am also praying for Kali.

The gFamily said...

That is such a sweet picture, even with the sad face! I love those eyes! It just makes you want to squeeze and tickle her so you can see her smile!

Praying for Miss Eliana to want to eat and for a smooth birth lady interview! I pray too that things in Guatemala turn around and start moving quickly! Eliana needs to be with her mommy and daddy!!

We are praying for Kali, her family, and Leah every night! I can't imagine what they are all going through and pray that the Lord gives them strength!

obligato said...

oh my! I am praying! I love you.

Mary Ann said...

That is not a very happy picture is it! I wonder what is up with the weight? I would demand them to take her to the Dr. to see what is up. To make sure it is not parasites. They may not be giving her forumla or they may be watering it down. She is still a cutie though! I think she just misses her mommy!
DID YOU GET MY PACKAGE I SENT?? I never heard back from you.

Christy said...

Know we are praying. As a mother it's so hard not to be able to hold your child when they need you. Praying God would unite you all soon!

Much love,
Christy Hutchins

kristin said...

what a sweet, sad face... it's so hard to worry from so far away... i'm sorry that she's going through a rough time without you... you'll be in my thoughts and prayers and i'll be praying for the birth mother interview, too... i can't wait for the day when i see photos of her with you back home!

Kim & Dave said...

I think I would be asking for a more thorough exam, too!

Her loosing weight is kind of scary!

Praying about the interview...which interview is this?

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

I can see why you cried when you saw that pic. She looks sad but I'm sure she's fine. Remember Jesus is holding her in his arms when you aren't able to.

Keep looking UP when you're feeling down.

Suzanne said...

Try not to worry to much about her weight, although it's hard. Faith came home at 11 months weighing 14 lbs. She weigh 14 lbs at 8 months and during that time lost weight. When we brought her home she was waking 2/3 times a night and didn't eat baby food. Now she is eating baby food, sleeping through the night and getting nice and fat. She just turned one and I'm guessing she weighs around 15/ 15.5 lbs..

I'll be praying that the birth mother interview goes well, and continue praying for Kali. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

Here's sending everyone a great big HUG.

Heidi said...

This is so stressful! I am so sorry you have to worry about her weight on top of everything else. Emmi was 15 lbs. when she was 1. She didn't ever lose weight but she stayed at 13 lbs. for 3 months straight. She ended up having a couple of UTIs. She never was a good eater though which made it worse. I hope she gains weight here soon. And I hope your "birth lady" interview goes smoothly! Praying for you!

Kelley E.B. Senkowski said...

HI Lindsay,

I just went to your blog from the Guat Team 08 page (we are Melissa's friends Kelley & Kirk) and so hear your heart! Our birthmom interview was two weeks ago AND my oldest coming home (now 4) has just starting gaining weight after two years of being sick and some time losing weight...I SO understand your Mommy heart through this all! Praying for you and the interview this week, and your little dear one.
We are waiting (with three children at home) to bring home two brothers, 4 and alomost 2 yrs.

God Bless,
The Senkowskis

Lainie said...

Oh, that precious face tugs at my heart! She needs you two! I'm still praying every day for you guys.

Leah, Erika, and the Chapmans are also in my prayers. It's hard not to feel so, so sad for them.

Love you,
(Aunt) Lainie

Amanda said...


I remember the first few months Eliot looked so sad like that...but it didn't take much time of Mommy's love that his little face was smiling in every picture that Katie sent to us.

I am trusting that everything will go fine with the birth lady interview and that God would lay His hand on your baby.

Love ya'll.

Carrie said...

God has a plan and is cradling your daughter in his ever loving arms and you as well. I pray she starts packing the weight back on.
Our Elena is almost 15 months old and only weight 17 lbs 12 oz and Eliana looks just as tiny.
God's Blessings

Lee Anne and John said...

Lindsey, I can remember getting quite a few photo updates on Joey and him looking so sad. It used to depress the hell out of me so I can understand how you feel. On our pickup trip though the facilitator told me how she used to have to wake him up from naps to do his pictures so no wonder he was grumpy looking. Maybe Eliana was caught for this pic post nap.

As far as the weight issue goes you have every right to be concerned and insist on a more thorough explanation. Perhaps a consult to Dr. Montiel would be appropriate? Good luck with the birth lady interview, I am sure that it will go very well!
Prayers continue for you, Chris, your sister and Kali.
Lee Anne

Unknown said...

I am earnestly praying for your little baby girl!! And, as well, for your sister's friend, her family, and the families of those who were lost in the accident.

God is so powerful and so capable and SO SO good. It is such a comfort to know that all things are in HIS hands!

Hang in there :)

**Roxanne in Tyler, Tx

April said...

Lindsey..we are praying for your interview with birth lady and pray it goes smoothly..I feel for you too, my daughter lost weight this month and it makes me sad too, we just want them home so we can take care of them on our own..I continue to lift your sweet daughter up to the Lord...

Jami said...

Oh my I will be praying for you this week.

Debbie said...

I am praying for you all!! Especially Eliana!! I am praying that the birth mother interview goes well and they realize that she gave her willingly and that Eliana will have a better life with you! God be with you, You have had a terrible three weeks!!


Anonymous said...

I love you and miss you. Praying.

Anonymous said...

... From: Erika (sorry.)

Greg & Maria Voss said...

I will most definitely keep you and Chris in my prayers during this week especially given all the bmom interviews. It's always sad to see a picture of our babies when they look sad. I hope and pray Eliana starts to eat and gain soon. ((hugs))

Laurie said...

OMG I am thinking positive! Birth lady interview in PGN?! ! ! That's a HUGE step. One step to being able to put a forever smile on that precious angel's face! I'm praying for you and celebrating one more step!

Holli said...

wow those lips and eyes are going to get you into a lot of trouble!:)

The McBs said...

praying love you

Amanda said...

she does look sad, Lindsey... I am praying that her interview goes smoothly and without incident. How have you been lately?

Bobbi said...

That face is just pitiful. She needs her Mommy.

Praying for Kali, and that the interview goes well.

Reba said...

Ugh. I know how hard it is to see sad pictures. Our daughter Maria's pictures were always sad. (She didn't like the camera much...now she is such a tease with it!) Do the doctors know why she isn't eating? That must be hard too. I will be praying for all situations mentioned. I hope you just find out one day that the interview happened and was fine.

jajbs said...

I will be praying for the interview and for you and Chris. I know how hard it is to find out your daughter is losing weight and there is nothing you can physically do for her. We went through that with Bella last year. God brought her and us through it and I KNOW He will do the same for your precious baby girl. Hold onto Him! I know these words can seem empty or trite, but it is so true. He holds her in the palm of His hand.


Susie said...

Oh your heart, but remember that through Him, you have the authority and power to pray right over your daughter and command healing over her eating. Update pictures can be so hard, you are left with only your imagination which can be a playground for Satan. Instead, you fill your mind with God's Word and His mighty sword standing over her. You have so many people praying for you, as you can see from all your posts. All of Him, none of you. A piece of prayer advise, when we were in the process, I prayed that the lord would direct Bella's file to the case workers who had a heart for him, adoption and our family. I encourage you to pray the same, especially for your interview. Looking forward to a great week for you and healing on your sisters friend. Susie

Anonymous said...

Hey Im praying for you guys...I hope that one day Chris can teach her how to eat Fig Newtons like a wood chipper!!!!!

-Chris Snapp

Jessica said...

Oh Sweet Eliana! I am so sorry that you are facing so many trials right now. I pray that it won't be long until you have Eliana in your forever arms. I am also continuing to pray for Kali and your sister. God bless you!

McMurrays said...

That sweet little face needs her mommy and daddy!!!! I am praying for the bithmother interview. . this week. Also praying for your heart and strength to make it through. I can't imagine how hard it is to see her like this. She needs to come HOME!

Mami Sue said...

praying for the interview and
for kali!

Stacie said...

Wow, I know it must be so hard to see your sweet baby girl like this. I pray that she will gain her appetite back so she can grow and feel better. I am also praying for her birthmom and the interview. I hope everything thing goes smoothly and Eliana comes home very soon where you can take care of her. I am also lifting up you and Chris. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you guys.

HIS Strength is perfect!!

Mary Helen Wheeler said...

John and I can't wait to hold our angel Grandbaby and talk love into
her sweet eyes until the twinkle is back with her darling grin!

We are also praying for your strength and health sweet Lindsey!

Love, Mary Helen

Jess said...

She is SO BEAUTIFUL even when she is sad.

The M. Herndon Family said...

Will be praying that she starts eating more and that any underlying medical reasons for the lack of weight gain could be found and treated.
Also for the "birth lady" interview.

Dena said...

She looks sooo sad - I know your heart is aching - I will pray for a good interview - a chubby baby and Kali's family!

Annie weighed 14lbs (9 months) when she got home and gained TWO pounds her first week!